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Inuvialuit Harvest Study

Inuvialuit Harvest Study Data report

This report provides, in a single volume, the annual results of the Inuvialuit Harvest
Study (IHS) from 1988 to 1997, totals for the ten-year period, and the statement of the
methods and administration of the survey.  In view of lower reporting rates and different
survey intervals for the start-up phase (1 July 1986 to 31 December 1987), no attempt
was made to estimate total harvests for that period.  Fabijan (1991) therefore remains as
the authoritative record of the IHS for the start-up phase.  The IHS Ten-Year Report
contains two sets of tables of monthly data:

1.Estimated harvest, selected species; and other harvested species reported ;and

2.Hunter response, and number of hunters harvesting selected species.

In each case, data are provided by community [and for the Inuvialuit Settlement Region
(ISR) as a whole], by month and year, and for the ten-year period as a whole. This report
also describes the IHS mapping procedure, but does not include location data.
While annual reports were issued during the ten-year period, this volume provides
additional information, not previously reported, on hunter response rates and complete
information on estimated harvest rates using a consistent algorithm.

The 1998 and 2000 data are not included in this report. The IHS was suspended in 1999
and again in 2001 for an undetermined period.

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