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November 17 to19 , 2009

Vic Gillman, Chair

Kayla Hansen-Craik, FJMC

Max Kotokak Sr., Member


Burton Ayles, Member

Kevin Bill, DFO

Redmond Clarke, Alternate Member

Larry Dow, DFO



The FJMC Community Tour kicked off with a visit to Ulukhaktok. The FJMC/HTC meeting in the community went well with no major community concerns raised.

The FJMC updated the HTC on ISR wide Initiatives such as:

      The Beluga Monitoring program; including data from the previous year’s harvest and the proposed changes to the program.

      Commercial Fishing

      The committee updated the community on discussions with DFO, IGC and IRC which resulted in a agreement between the organizations to develop an Integrated Fisheries Management Plan for the Beaufort Sea. All parties agreed that there would be no large-scale commercial fisheries in the BS until sufficient data on stocks/habitat etc. has been collected or the IFMP completed.

      • HTC raised some concerns about the effects large scale fisheries would have on other species/habitats in the area and the lack of control local’s would have on these proposed fisheries.
      • The possibility of small-scale community based fisheries was entertained.
      • HTC suggested that other organizations such as the local Elders Committee, the Hamlet, the Community Corporation should be included in further dealing of this matter and suggested holding public meeting to keep the community informed as well.

    Community Fishing Plan

    DFO liason gave brief overview of plan stating that it up for renewal in 2011 and that the process will be ongoing over the year 2010.


      • HTC suggested that new plan includes section on proposed commercial fisheries and the potential environmental impacts associated.
      • Potential control mechanisms were discussed including background info on the Dolly Varden IFMP and it was noted that the IFMP for the Beaufort Sea might serve as one mechanism.

      Community Engagement

      The FJMC outlined the proposed changes to the annual meeting calendar and new methods of communication between HTC’s and FJMC. These communication initiatives included:


      • Electronic Monthly News Letters to the HTC’s
      • Online Blog
      • Bringing 6 HTC presidents to FJMC meeting once a year.
      • FJMC RP attending AGM of each HTC and report back to committee.

    The HTC had no objections to these initiatives and noted that the Aug-Oct timeframe was best to meet with the Local HTC.


      The FJMC updated the community on upcoming projects due to occur in their area including "Big Lake" Study and a Student Project on ‘Linking Traditional Knowledge on Charr’. No major concerns were raised although the community did suggest that the student write a letter to the HTC/ECC outlining the project in greater detail.

      All in all the trip to Ulukhaktok went great. We had a good turn out at the meeting, we lucked out with the weather and the food was amazing! Kayla Hansen-Craik the new Community Resource Specialist with the Committee made her first trek to Ulukhaktok and thought the community both people and scenery was beautiful. She can’t wait to go back and hopefully catch it in the summer months. Wished she would have been able to take a walk around town and check it out but preferred not to get eaten by wolves as there was a pack running about town.



      The Paulatuk HTC/Community meeting also went well, there was once again a good turn out of HTC/community members and the food was yummy! The FJMC carried out a similar agenda in each community starting out with the update on ISR wide initiatives:

      Beluga Monitoring Program

      Again the community was updated on the previous year’s data and the proposed changes to the monitoring program.


      • There was concern raised from the community about the removal of funds, although the Committee assured them that changes in other communities’ monitoring programs will not effect other communities’ budgets.
      • The HTC communicated how important the Beluga Monitoring Program and Monitors are as the Monitors promote proper and civil hunting of Beluga.
      • The HTC is on board with the HTC lead monitoring program being proposed by the Committee.

      Commercial Fishing

      The FJMC outlined discussions with DFO, IGC and IRC which lead to the agreement to develop an Integrated Fisheries Management Plan for the Beaufort Sea.


      • HTC, community member in attendance and FJMC were in agreement that no large scale fisheries would occur till sufficient data is collected or the BSIFMP finalized.
      • HTC also felt commercial fisheries could pollute the waters and disrupt other fish species, Marine Mammals and their habitats.
      • HTC also agreed that any fishery should remain Inuvialuit/community only.
      • HTC suggested holding public meetings on this matter.

      Community Fishing Plans

      DFO Liaison updated HTC/community on the progress of the CFP revision and that the new version is due to be published 2010.


      • Concerns were raised by the community on the changing water levels and presence of new species in the area.
      • HTC expressed that the best date to hold the CFP meeting is early January. (Was held Feb. 4-5 – postponed due to bad weather)
      • Questions were raised by the community/HTC members about the possibility of changing the regulations on how far up river a net may be set.

      Community Engagement

      Once again the committee outlined proposed initiatives to improve communication between the HTC’s and FJMC.


      • HTC approved of proposed initiatives
      • Noted that June is the best time to meet with HTC/Community members
      • HTC suggested maintaining a paper trail of decision items

      The FJMC updated HTC/Community members on projects due to occur in their area including:

      Parks Canada and the re-opening the Hornaday Water Gauge


      • HTC members noted the possible link between the changing water levels and the arrival of new species of fish in the area.
      • HTC will discuss project proposal further with PC and FJMC will consider possible support for this project.

      Health of the Ocean and the Marine Protected Area


      • HTC agreed to hold a competition for the naming of the MPA
      • HTC expressed concerns regarding the overwintering of Barges in the area of the proposed MPA
      • Concerns were also voiced regarding the boundaries of the MPA not including all important areas that the community members put forth.
      • Noted that funding restraints exist when trying to send reps to steering committee meetings.

The meetings in Paulatuk were successful with plenty of feedback and comments from the HTC and Community Members.

Then we were off to Inuvik…


Inuvik HTC/Community meetings followed pretty much the same topics as the other communities.

      Commercial Fishing

      Plan for Beaufort Sea IFMP was outlined and once again all in attendance agreed that no large-scale fisheries would occur till sufficient data is collected or IFMP finalized.


      • HTC felt too many sensitive issues regarding the Beaufort to accommodate a commercial fishery.
      • HTC suggested contacting the local Elders Committee and Community corporations on further dealing in this matter.
      • Decided that the next step would be a legal analysis of options with in the Oceans and Fisheries Act’s.
      • Possible ‘no fishing zones’ and restrictions were discussed.

      Dolly Varden IFMP

      background info was provided to HTC

      • HTC asked when last pop. asses was done on big fish.
      • Tagging happened in 09 and will occur again in 2010.

      Community Engagement

      proposed initiative to better communication were outlined.

      HTC pleased with efforts and noted that the best time to meet with Inuvik community members is mid October or mid june.

      Beluga Monitoring program

      discussed proposed changes to the program.

      • HTC accepted the extra responsabilities.
      • HTC expressed interest in monitoring the White fish stocks of the Mackenzie Delta.

      Tuktoyaktuk-Inuvik Hwy

      overview of the project and where it is now.


      • Concerns were raised about the "Rush" on this project.
      • Concerns with the project included: Being too close to the Husky Lakes; disruption of overwintering grounds of the caribou herd; increased traffic along husky lakes and building of many new cabins which would result in more fishing of the lakes.
      • Questions raised about how DFO/FJMC/HTC’s could regulate these proposed fisheries.
      • Decided that a Tuktoyatuk-Inuvik working group be struck to address these potential impacts.

      IHTC raised the topic of Beluga Mangement Zones with the committee and expressed concerns about industry having greater access to near shore waters.

      HTC hopes to expand the Beluga Management Zone 1A once the MPA is finalized.

THE FJMC was very pleased with the outcome of the November community tour and looks forward to continue working with the local HTC’s and communities of the ISR on the important issues at hand.




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