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Vic Gillman, Chair Kayla Hansen-Craik, FJMC
Burton Ayles, member James Malone, FJMC
Max Kotokak Sr. , member Kevin Bill, DFO
Redmond Clarke, member Louie Porta, DFO
John Max Kudlak, alternate  
Hank Anagsuk Sr., alternate  

The FJMC Science meeting in Winnipeg was a success with plenty of interesting project proposal submissions to review and a very productive meeting with the Regional Directors and Regional Director General of DFO. The Committee reviewed projects ranging from Beluga/Bowhead surveys to beluga health to Dolly Varden Charr stock discrimination and health. The FJMC will be reviewing the long proposal submissions and finalizing their funding decisions at the upcoming April meeting in Edmonton.

The meeting with the Regional Director’s and Regional Director General is key in ensuring the continued success of the Inuvialuit-DFO partnership in managing the fish, marine mammals and their habitats of the ISR and this last meeting contributed to that success with in depth discussions between the groups on key issues in the ISR. These issues included the Alaskan Moratorium on Commercial Fisheries in the Beaufort and how DFO/FJMC will embark on strengthening the Canadian Beaufort Fisheries Framework to include future commercial fisheries interests.. Discussions also took place on how the two groups could better communication between themselves. All in attendance agreed that the meeteng was beneficial to both parties.



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