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Sent: Thursday, January 19, 2006 4:27 PM

Subject: Billy Day to Receive Environment Award on January 27th 2006
On behalf of the World Council of Whalers, its Board of Directors, members and supporters I am honoured to extend my most sincere congratulations to Mr. Billy Day upon his receipt of the prestigious Environment Award at the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards. 

Billy has spent his lifetime working to improve and enhance his community and the communities of the North. His efforts have clearly been on behalf of the Arctic people, the natural resources that sustain them and the environment that they thrive in.  

At the onset of the World Council of Whalers in 1997 Mr. Day was unanimously selected to represent the North America/Arctic region in the capacity of Director. His experience and knowledge were invaluable to the council in our effort to educate the general public about the importance of whales to our communities.

Mr. Day's determination to conserve the cultural life ways, values and principles of the Inuvialuit has also spread to the other indigenous and coastal whaling peoples around the world. His lifetime of experience and traditional knowledge brought to the international whaling communities priceless insight about our relationship with nature, the environment and the ecosystems, which sustain our families.  

Congratulations Billy.
Warmest regards,
Tom Mexsis Happynook
Chairman, WCW


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