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FJMC Takes Concerns to Ottawa

Max Kotokak Sr. of Tuktoyaktuk presents a Tuk carving to DFO Minister Geoff Regan during a meeting between the Fisheries Joint Management Committee and senior department officials in Ottawa on April 27.  Left to right: Robert Bell, FJMC Chair, Kevin Bill, Kotokak, Regan, Donald Inuktalik, Donovan Dowler and Dr. Burton Ayles

The Fisheries Joint Management Committee, established by the Inuvialuit land claim met last week with the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, as well as the Deputy Minister Larry Murray and several ADMs to discuss issues related to fish and marine mammals in the western Arctic. Discussion topics included Canada’s recent ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and its impact on beluga and bowhead hunting in the western Arctic, hydrocarbon development in the Beaufort-Delta, and the DFO’s ongoing capability to meet its northern science obligations.  “Discussions were productive” said FJMC Chair, Robert Bell who noted that the Committee has met with most DFO ministers since the Committee was established, from Tom Sidon and John Crosby in the early days to David Anderson, Brian Tobin and Robert Thibault more recently.  “The Inuvialuit take the process of co-management very seriously” said Bell, “and if the IFA calls for us to meet with and advise the Minister, then that is what we do.”



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