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This picture was taken one winter morning as we headed off on a community visit.  Don made many of these trips, and enjoyed them all.

As a memorial project, his friends have assembled a group of photos taken during his tenure with the FJMC, as well as some pictures of a spot near the mouth of the Tree River.  That location was a favorite of Don's and a spot where he made many good friends.

The "Don and the FJMC" link will take you to a pdf of a short run photo booklet that the FJMC has put together.  Copies will go to the family as well as to the Joint Secretariat Library in Inuvik and the DFO libraries in Winnipeg and Ottawa. While the file was "dumbed down" for the web it is still quite large so even at high speed it will take 15 to 30 seconds to display.

The "Don's Slide Show" displays the pictures in a different format.  Again the file is large, but well worth the wait.



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