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Press Release

Friday, November 26, 2004

Inuvik, Northwest Territories


2003 FJMC Co-operative Management Award Presented


Some embers of the current Working group, from left ?, Noel Green, ?, Tony Green and Don Dowler.


 The 2003 FJMC Cooperative Management Award has been awarded to the Paulatuk Char Working Group for their years of dedication to the conservation and management of the char stocks in their area.

 The Paulatuk Hunters and Trappers Committee first identified the need for a char management plan in 1996.  At the FJMCs request, the HTC struck the Paulatuk Char Working Group, consisting of Nelson Green (Chair), Marcus Ruben, John Max Kudlak, Ruben Ruben, Tony Green, Don Dowler, and Lois Harwood.  The working group met four times to develop the first plan, which was in place and implemented 1998-2002.

The Working Group reconvened in 2002 to revise the plan, with John Max Kudlak as Chairperson and Tony Green, Ruben Ruben, Marcus Ruben, Joe Illasiak, Noel Green, Brian Johnston, Lois Harwood, Sam Stephenson, and Don Dowler as regular members.  Public meetings were held to seek public support for the updated plan.  The Paulatuk HTC signed off on the plan at their AGM in June 20, 2003.

 The Paulatuk Char Working Group exemplifies the values of co-management.  Over almost ten years of cooperation, the Group has worked with the community of Paulatuk, various levels and agencies of federal and Inuvialuit government, and the FJMC to ensure a healthy char stock in the Paulatuk area, assuring a long-term sustainable harvest.


FJMC Resource Biologist Kevin Bill, Working Group Chair John Max Kudlak and memeber Reuben Reuben present DFO biologist Lois Harwood with her jacket.

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